Rosy Purple

Hybrid Musk 
L. Lens1995     LENdora

Piramidevormige trossen met kleine enkele lila rood roze bloemen die herbloeien. De meeldraden hebben een zoete geur. Een eco roos, die bijen aantekt door zijn meeldraden en vogels aantrekt door zijn bottels.

  • Colour:  Lilac  Pink 
  • Fragrance:  None
  • Repeat flowering: (June - October)
  • Height:  100  -  125 cm
  • Growth type:  Fan shaped
  • Flower:  SingleSmall4 cm
  • Hips
  • Option
    Bare Root
    Available from November to mid-April.
    From 1 piece(s): 8,50 €
    From 10 piece(s): 8,10 €
    From 25 piece(s): 7,70 €
    From 100 piece(s): 7,30 €
    8,50 €
    Pot 4L
    From 1 piece(s): 16,50 €
    16,50 €

    A medium-sized, upright growing shrub with a lot of dark green leaves ending in reddish brown. Develops long, pyramid-shaped clusters with hundreds of small, single flowers; deep lilac pink which is in contrast with the brownish green leaves. Can also be used as a small Rambler, since the wood is completely winter-hardy. Height: 80-120 cm.

    • Bee friendly plant
    • Preferred location:  Sun or partial shadow
    • Plant distance:  100cm
    • Frost resistance:  to -15°C
    • Suitable for:  pyramid  walls fences