Elisabeth Oberle

Kartause Ittingen

Hybrid Musk 
Lens Roses2010     VELlovdan

A flowery shrub with the appearance and habit of wild roses. The flowers are single, white and arranged in large clusters. They have a pleasant scent of the Hybrid Musk: sweet, spicy and tea.

  • Colour:  White 
  • Fragrance:  Light
  • Repeat flowering: (June - October)
  • Height:  120  -  150 cm
  • Growth type:  Compact
  • Flower:  SingleMedium sized8 cm
  • Option
    Bare Root
    Available from November to mid-April.
    Available from mid-November.
    From 1 piece(s): 12,20 €
    From 2 piece(s): 12,00 €
    From 10 piece(s): 11,40 €
    From 25 piece(s): 11,40 €
    From 100 piece(s): 10,80 €
    12,20 €
    Pot 4L

    From 1 piece(s): 16,50 €

    This shrub belongs to the group of Hybrid Musks but more than many other white Hybrid Musks like White Magic, Rosalita, ... this species has the character of the botanical roses by its natural habitus and leaf. The young shoots have a brown tint, the adult leaves are dark green. The buds are elongated and buttery yellow, the flowers open to single, white flowers that show their yellow stamens. They grow in large bunches. They spread a light scent of musk and tea. This continuous-flowering shrub is a bee plant. Flowering starts in May and the plant will repeat-flower throughout the summer. On 8 June 2010, in the beautiful rose garden of the Carthusian monastery in Ittingen (Switzerland), the Lens rose 'Elisabeth Oberle', synonymous with 'Kartause Ittingen' was introduced accompanied by triumphant clarinet music. The garden "Carthusian monastery Ittingen" is a realisation of the association "The Friends of the Rose of Winterthur and surroundings", under the direction of Elisabeth Oberle. In the garden you will find a collection of about 1000 roses: botanical, climbing roses, old roses, ... of at least 400 different species. Elisabeth Oberle was president of this rose gardening society for 25 years.

    • Bee friendly plant
    • Preferred location:  Sun or partial shadow
    • Plant distance:  100cm  cm of  1,0 plants /m2
    • Frost resistance:  to -15°C
    • Suitable for:  walls fences