Gloire de Dijon


An old but still beloved rambler with large, scented, quartered flowers. Their colour is creamy yellow, apricot and soft pink with changing nuances. Beautiful, but sometimes capricious.

  • Colour:  Apricot  Pink  Yellow 
  • Fragrance:  Heavily
  • Repeat flowering: (June - October)
  • Height:  300  -  350 cm
  • Growth type:  Climber
  • Flower:  Very DoubleBig10 cm
  • Option
    Bare Root
    Available from November to mid-April.
    Available from mid-November.
    From 1 piece(s): 10,50 €
    From 2 piece(s): 10,30 €
    From 10 piece(s): 9,80 €
    From 25 piece(s): 9,30 €
    From 100 piece(s): 8,80 €
    10,50 €
    Pot 5L

    From 1 piece(s): 17,00 €
    Pot 5L with bambou

    From 1 piece(s): 19,00 €

    ‘Gloire de Dijon' is a climbing Tea Rose, an older variety that is still popular. The favourite rose of my grandmother and many others in the 19th and 20th centuries. Attractive are the large, quartered flowers that show different shades of colour, like chamois yellow, apricot and pink. They have the typical smell of the Tea Rose. Rainy weather is a disadvantage for the flowers, yet it is a good cut rose. It is a vigorous climbing rose that flowers early in May-June and repeat-flowers well. The leaves are dark green and glossy but sensitive to starvation dew dewin rainy weather and powdery mildew when the plant is sheltered from the wind. An advantage: this rambler tolerates shade.

    • Preferred location:  Sun or partial shadow
    • Plant distance:  200cm
    • Frost resistance:  to -10°C
    • Suitable for:  pyramid  pergola  walls fences