Bee-friendly roses

Roses definitely have a role to play your garden ecosystem.
Their pollen and nectar attract all kinds of pollinators.
The bees can certainly use our help.

Discover all our bee-friendly roses


What is a bee-friendly rose to us?

It is a good start if the sunny yellow heart of the flower is easily accessible to the bee. But this is not enough!
The flower must really produce a lot of pollen and nectar to be useful to pollinating insects. The smell is an indicator of this, but we want proof!
So we observe the plants in our spacious rose garden and note which plants are most inspired.

Millie Fleur

A cheerful, robust shrub (moschata hybrid) with thousands of sweet-smelling flowers.
This rose is a delicacy for pollinators, a shelter for small animals and in winter the birds feast on the rose hips.
Plant it and give the biodiversity of your garden a big boost!

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A star restaurant buzzing with bustle!
Building your garden in layer is good for all that life.
With this ground cover you can provide power food from the ground up.

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Jean Stéphenne

Countless flowers in apricot-pink hues make the branches of Jean Stéphenne hang over. It's as if he's awaiting the bees with open arms!

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Snow Star

A buzzing star restaurant in full swing!
Creating different layers in the garden attracts life.
With this ground cover, you can provide food for bees from the ground up.

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