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You can place your order in advance, it can be picked up or sent to you.
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Orders can be picked up at the nursery, please notify us at least 3 days before your arrival. Payment upon withdrawal.

Even without an order you are always welcome during our opening hours.

We are happy to take plants for you to a Plant Fair near you.
Please let us know at least 3 days in advance which roses we can bring for you.
The various Plant Fairs in which we participate can be found here.

We ship to many countries all year round.
If the desired destination is not in the list, please contact us.

It is impossible for us to offer free shipping.

Depending on the destination country, there is a different shipping cost that increases proportionally with the weight ordered.
For online orders with shipping, it is the customer's responsibility to enter a correct address. Selecting the destination country incorrectly has implications on the shipping price and VAT. In that case, the difference in price must be settled, after which we ship the order.

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  • France

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Shipping plants to Britain is only possible in bare roots during the winter season. This because of the difficult import requirements.

There are two shipping dates, one beginning of december and one mid february. Please place your order before those dates.

We ship our roses with Bpost (Belgian Mail) and are delivered by Royal Mail.
Shipping will cost €29. (standard roses will have an higher shipping cost)

Great Britain requires each shipment crossing the border to have a phytosanitary certificate provided by the Belgian government. This is a mandatory document we request and arrange for and costs us a fixed price (€57), to be paid by the client.

Since we do not take any profit on the shipping nor the phytosanitary certificate and this is quite an organizational undertaking for each order. It seems fair that we only accept orders over €100 order value.

The only way to reduce costs is to combine multiple shipments. If you find a friend or neighbour who also wants to order roses, the costs can be shared and it becomes a lot less expensive for everyone.

This is currently the best offer we can make to you. We have also explored sending the plants to Great Britain in one go (in a large pallet) and shipping them from there to our customers. But at the moment this is not feasible.

How to order?
Make an account on our website and fill your online shopping basket. When your order list is ready, contact us asking for a shipment. We can find your shopping basket and set it up for shipment.
Of course it is also possible to send us an email with your order!

We really hope this can become easier in the future.
Thank you for your understanding and support.

Plants can be shipped perfectly. Both in pot and in bare roots.

If something went wrong during transport to the customer, causing the packaging and plants to arrive damaged, the plants must be refused to the carrier in the original packaging, so that they are automatically returned.